sex while high on marijuana

Why Sex While High Is The Absolute Best?

The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not endorse the use of drugs, including cannabis.

So many stoners chose to upgrade their sexual experience by having sex while high on either weed or edibles. The mood enhancement reaching and beyond euphoria, that sensitivity boost, and reduced anxiety really make for a mind-blowing sex game. In fact, according to a survey from The New York Times on cannabis sex, nearly 60% of participants reported that weed increased their desire for sex, while nearly 74% showed increased sexual satisfaction.

Indeed, sex while high on weed is 1 of the most liberating experiences one could live through. It unlocks entirely new borders of sensuality that sober sex may not reach. However, we must always have fun with knowledge, education, and safety. In this article, we explore the scientific basis of sex and cannabis, sex on weed stories, its benefits and associated risks, and safe sex practices under marijuana influences.

What Makes Sex While High On Weed So Amazing?

Sex while high on weed is enjoyable due to the effects of THC, the primary psychoactive component in marijuana, on the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system plays a role in regulating various physiological functions, including mood, appetite, pain, and arousal.

THC can bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and activate the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is associated with pleasure and reward, at a much higher level than typically observed in response to natural rewarding stimuli.

This release of dopamine enhance sensations of pleasure and intimacy during sexual activity, leading to a more enjoyable experience for some individuals.

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1. Heightened sensory experience

In terms of sight, smoking weed can enhance visual perception. Users may experience an intensification of colors, patterns, and textures. Objects may appear to be more vivid, detailed, and visually stimulating. In a way, things are more “important” and “amplified” on weed. Even the mundane, normal, and almost unimportant objects in the room turn out to be more significant. This gives the user deeper appreciation for their partner’s physical and visual attributes.

After that, smoking weed, blasting music, and having sex is a fascinating combo. When high on cannabis, users can perceive sounds as more distinct and immersive, with increased sensitivity to pitch, tone, and volume. You’ll be able to notice the subtle differences of individual instruments working in synchronization to form a complete piece of music. This improved hearing sensitivity gives you a deeper appreciation of the music, and when coupledSome users may experience auditory hallucinations or a heightened sense of music appreciation, where they can hear new details in familiar songs.

Regarding touch, smoking weed enhance the sense of physical sensations, creating a heightened sensitivity to touch, temperature, and pressure. Sex is after all very much a sensual experience, so this physical sensitivity boost is truly the biggest part of sex on weed. Compared to sober sex, cannabis sex gives both parties a better capacity to notice subtle touches. Not even the slightest skin interaction goes unnoticed.

Stimulation of sensitive areas is considerably intensified, as cannabis can enhance blood flow to the genital area, resulting in better sexual arousal. If the dosage is strong enough, users may go through an out-of-body experience during sex. They feel “united” with their partner, as the limitations of the physical body are broken, giving both partners a feeling of “blending” and connectedness.

And then, we can’t forget the “smell” factor. Weed boosts your olfactory (aka sensing) sensitivity, so now everything smells better. If you’re particularly sensitive to smells in general when sober, weed is going to dramatically improves that. Along with the upgrade of other senses, this is going to be a party of the senses.

Regarding endurance, yes, weed can improve endurance. As mentioned, cannabis gave you better awareness of your body, so if you can be mindful and acknowledge the activity of your genital area, you can proactively regulate the muscle tension there. With practice, individuals can engage in more extended and satisfying sexual activities.

sex while high on weed

2. No More Inhibitions

There is less sexual inhibitions on weed. As they get high, they feel less need to restrain themselves, and this is when the interesting part starts. Weed gave them a newfound sense of freedom. With a greater willingness to explore and venture beyond the normal sexual daily life, people start to explore themselves more deeply and intimately, with no judgement. All they have to do is relax and go with the flow.

However, the effects of weed on sexual inhibitions may vary. Some people may experience lower libido or difficulty achieving orgasms, while others report a desire to try wild, borderline dangerous sexual acts. This is not joking matter, and we really should manage ourselves when deciding to consuming marijuana in bed. Understand the strains and your reactions to it to have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

3. Creativity

We love to explore creative and “trippy” ideas while high on weed, and in bed, it’s another world of possibilities. On weed, we connect the dots that normally aren’t supposed to be connected. The irrelevance of those dots make weed ideas the best ideas. What’s best is that those ideas have room to express thanks to the uninhibited approach towards sex while high on weed.

4. Out-of-body Experience In Sex

During an out-of-body experience, you may feel disconnected from your physical body and experience heightened sensations and feelings of euphoria. This sensation is particularly intense during sexual activities, You may even feel as if you are watching yourselves from above or from a distance. If the dosage is high enough, you may go through a complete disconnect from your physical body. Essentially you enter a “third-person perspective”, and although it may not contribute much sexual-wise, it can still be a cool experience.

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5. Time Dilation Effects

Weed causes perceived time dilation. What may seem like 30 minutes in your weed-induced sense of time is actually only 5 minutes at most in real time. This time dilation effects can be both fascinating and exhausting. For one, you feel like you “got” more out of the experience. Every single second counts, and you enjoy even the most minute detail of the sexual experience, but sometimes time dilation leads to altered perception of the body and self, impacting sexual desires and arousal.

5. Magnified Orgasm

Orgasm on weed is extremely intense. It is already among the best feeling when sober, so all of the enhancement effects of weed truly magnified. As you are more “present” with the entire experience, you’ll start to notice how every muscle in your genital area contracts and expands to prepare and “execute” the orgasm. This brings a more “nuanced” kind of orgasm, where you are not only aware of your orgasm, but also of how your entire body operates during the process. It is a great way to know your body better and learn to appreciate the little things in your sex life, rather than waiting for only the end results.

sex while high on edibles

6. Sleep After Sex

After sex, we frequently feel sleepy, particularly men, due to the high amount of energy loss during the activity. This is a totally normal response. Our body is satisfied and tired, especially after long and vigorous sex, and it only wants to recharge. The body may release hormones such as oxytocin, which can induce feelings of relaxation and drowsiness.

Evidence suggested that weed consumption does improve sleep scores, and it has been used to treat sleeping disorder. Indeed, to operate your body at such level of sensitivity requires certain amounts of energy too. After sex, weed allows you to slip into the sleep state more easily, and more importantly it ensures that your sleep is uninterrupted. You wake up from a good night with a refreshed state of mind.

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Sex While High On Smoking Weed vs On Edibles

Smoking and consuming edibles gave 2 completely different set of effects, and therefore will induce 2 different types of individuals. Generally smoking weed kicks in faster, while consuming edibles take a while, as the edibles must be digested, metabolized, before the psychoactive chemicals can be processed and transferred to your brain and activates the system.

CriteriaSex while smoking weedSex on edibles
Time to hitImmediateDelayed, up to 2 hour
Time to peakWithin 30 minutesWithin 4 hours
Length of EffectsUp to 6 hours with residual effects up to 24 hoursUp to 12 hours with residual effects up to 24 hours
General effectsPronounced sensory enhacements, reduce inhibitions, increase arousalPronounced mood enhancements, sensory enhancements, more mellow effects
Sexual EffectsMore electric, energized, and invigorating experience, especially on high THC strains. CBD strains feel more mellowGenerally more mellow, but the sensations are deeper and more “lively”

Whatever the method of consumption you chose, remember to always dose responsibly, especially edible. The effects of edibles kick in gradually, and you may be tempted to take more to “speed up” the process, resulting in overdose. Overdose on marijuana is not lethal. At worse, you can experience paranoia, nausea, and temporary loss of motor control. If you decide to have sex while high on edibles, at least measure your dosage properly, and proceed with caution so as to not ruin the fun. Getting too high reduce your ability to normally function and perceive things, which is not really good for a sexy night.

Risks Of Having Sex While High On Weed

1. Impaired judgment

The biggest risk of having sex while high is impaired judgement. As we have mentioned, you are more likely to pursue normally inhibited actions under the effect of marijuana, and considering the spontaneous nature of sex, you may end up in unwanted sexual situations that lead to consequences. Be responsible with your drug usage, and communicate well with your partner during the act to manage your expectations and feel safer and relaxed.

If you want to venture beyond the norm, respect the boundaries of your partner, too. Let them know what you want to experiment with beforehand, and establish some “protocol” between you 2 to facilitate a smooth high session.

2. Anxiety or paranoia

At high dosage, paranoia is quite common. Your 5 senses are boosted on weed, so you pick up on extremely subtle changes in the environment around you. The thing is, your judgement of those changes are not particularly good. You’ll usually ignore a little “clink” in the distance while sober, but under the influence of the drug you’ll interpret it as a sound of danger, potentially from an intruder or a dangerous animal, for example,You feel startled and uncomfortable at any slightly disruptive.

If you let your mind get attached to those paranoid thoughts, you’ll spiral down to anxiety. After that, you won’t be able to enjoy the sex anymore. Your attention has been directed to whatever that is bothering you, and you must investigate it to feel “safe” and “secured”. It ruins the mood very quickly.

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3. Decreased arousal

Cannabis does not only improve. It can also decrease. Sometimes, after toking up, all you want to do is relaxing, chilling, and then falling into a beautiful slumber, not getting riled up. This decreased arousal has a ripple effect on the sexual experience in general. You have difficulty achieving orgasm because your mind just wasn’t “there”.

4. Dryness

“Water” is a crucial part of life, and of sex. It acts as a natural lubricant to makes sex comfortable and enjoyable. Dry sex is painful. However, we all know that weed is the best way to dry out your body, from your eyes, your mouth, to your vagina. It’s the drying of the mucus membrane.

There are no really good way to counter this annoying side effect than hydrating yourself well before the act. If needed, you can use water-based lubricant to alleviate discomfort and make sexual activity on weed the pleasurable experience it is supposed to be.

5. Memory impairment

Commonly referred to as “zoned out” in the community, weed impacts your short-term memory. This means that although you absolutely love the feeling it gave you during sex, you’ll quickly forget about it for other “new shiny objects”.

The tip is to not let yourself to get lost in the thoughts. Rather, focus on your feelings and intuition and the connection with your partner. It is about what you feel, not what you remember.

Safety For Sex While High On Cannabis

Plan ahead: make sure that both partners are comfortable and consenting to engaging in sexual activity while under the influence of cannabis. Do not force anyone to participate in the experience if they don’t want to, because the optimal experience must come from both sides.

Communicate with partner: Open communication with open mindset is key to ensuring a safe and positive experience. Be honest about your preferences, boundaries, and any concerns you may have. Understand what your partner wants too.

Choose a safe environment: Make sure that the environment is safe and comfortable for both partners, free of potential hazards or distractions.

Use protection: Use protection (such as condoms or dental dams) to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. Even if in the middle of the act, your wildness may take reign and you decide to throw away all of the protection, which is not at all recommended. Protect yourself and your partner.

Avoid mixing substances: Avoid mixing cannabis with other substances (such as alcohol or other drugs) if you don’t know what you are doing. Research carefully and incrementally test your dosage to gauge your body’s reaction

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