rockets as symbols of growth

23+ Symbols Of Growth Around The World

Think of a small seed nestled in the soil. With patience, it breaks through its own shell and emerges out of the deep darkness, reaching for the warmth of the sun. In the same way, we grow, step by step, reaching for the light of new possibilities. It’s like watching a blank canvas slowly fill with colors, each stroke taking us closer to success. There are so many universal symbols of growth around the world, and incorporating these symbols of growth into your room creates an environment that fosters positive energy to help you become a better version of yourself.

In this article, we will explore the 23+ symbols of growth and their deeper meanings.

What is Growth?

Growth is the process of development, expansion, or improvement over time. It is when something experience positive change, advancement, and an increase in size, knowledge, skills, or capabilities. To grow is to become a new version, to reach a milestone on your journey, and no matter how significant or little that growth is, we should always cherish the little steps that we took. It is not about the final goal, but rather, the journey.

Colors That Symbolize Growth

  1. Green: Associated with nature, renewal, and vitality, green is the most common color symbolizing growth. It represents new beginnings, progress, and the flourishing of life.
  2. Blue: Blue symbolizes depth, stability, and a sense of calm. In the context of growth, it can represent a steady and controlled progression, much like the calm waters of a river leading to growth.
  3. Yellow: Bright and optimistic, yellow represents energy, positivity, and the warmth of the sun. It can symbolize the growth of ideas, creativity, and the pursuit of new opportunities.
  4. Purple: Often associated with transformation and spirituality, purple can symbolize the growth of inner wisdom, self-discovery, and personal development. It represents a deeper level of growth and change.

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Flowers That Symbolize Growth

1. Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is often associated with growth and transformation due to its unique life cycle. It starts its journey deep in the mud, representing struggles and challenges. As it emerges from the water, it symbolizes rising above difficulties to achieve enlightenment and growth. In many Eastern cultures, the lotus flower is a spiritual symbol. It’s linked to stories of spiritual awakening, where individuals strive to overcome hardships and achieve personal growth, much like the lotus rising above the murky waters to bloom.

the lotus as symbols of growth

2. Sunflower

sunflower as symbols of growth

Sunflowers symbolize growth and optimism due to their ability to turn their heads towards the sun. This characteristic reflects the pursuit of light, positivity, and personal development.The sunflower’s behavior of following the sun’s movement is often seen as a metaphor for personal growth and the continuous journey towards self-improvement.

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3. Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms symbolize growth, renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Their brief and beautiful blooming period reflects the transience of existence and the importance of cherishing growth and change.In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms (sakura) hold deep symbolism. They represent the impermanence of life and the concept of mono no aware, or the appreciation of the transient beauty of things.

spring as a symbol of optimism and growth

Other Symbols Of Growth

Typically all symbols of growth signify a positive shift or change. They represent the idea that progress, improvement, and development are essential aspects of life. Here are some more symbols of growth you can explore:

4. Trees

Trees symbolize growth due to their gradual and upward expansion. With deep roots anchoring them, trees also represent resilience and endurance in the face of changing seasons. They stand as a testament to the passage of time and the journey towards maturity, as seen in a young sapling developing into a robust tree over the years.

For example, bristlecone pines are known for their remarkable longevity and slow growth. Some of these trees are among the oldest living organisms on Earth, with some individual trees estimated to be over 4,000 years old. They witnessed the rises and falls of humanity. Another interesting tree is the giant sequoia species, which can grow to be over 300 feet tall and have trunks that span more than 20 feet in diameter

23+ Symbols Of Growth Around The World

5. Plant Sprout

The sprouting of a plant from the soil symbolizes new beginnings and the potential for growth. As a seed breaks through the surface, it marks the start of a journey toward transformation and progress. This also symbolizes the overcoming of great challenges. From a a tiny seed, with the right conditions, it has transformed into a thriving organism with leaves, stems, and roots, contributing to the beauty of this world.

plant sprout as symbols of growth

6. Butterfly

The caterpillar’s life begins with simple instincts—eating, growing, and shedding its skin. As it goes through successive stages of molting, it gradually matures and grows. This phase mirrors the initial steps of growth in human life, where learning, experience, and adaptation play a crucial role.

However, during the pupa stage inside the protective cocoon, the caterpillar undergoes a profound metamorphosis. This process represents a period of introspection and self-discovery—essential elements of personal growth. The emergence of the butterfly is a metaphor for breaking free from our comfort zones and embracing change.

7. Upward Arrow

The upward arrow symbolizes progress and growth due to its directional movement. The arrow points upward, signifying advancement and improvement. For example, in the stock market, upward arrows are often used to represent increasing stock prices. When a stock’s value rises, it is accompanied by an upward arrow on price charts, reflecting positive investor sentiment and improved financial performance.

upward arrow symbolizing growth

8. Staircase

A staircase symbolizes incremental progress and the journey towards growth. When climbing stairs you usually have to take one step at a time, and the further the destination, the more tiny little steps you have to take. Looking back, although those individual steps may seem insignificant, together they bring us to great heights. That is the metaphor for the gradual steps individuals take to reach higher levels of personal development and achievements.

staircase as symbolism for growth

9. Climbing Vine

Vines grow so fast, and you should be able to see in post-apocalyptic movies where vines quickly take over the city when the disasters strike. Movie makers must have been captured by the rapid growth of vines and consistently using that to demonstrate the power of nature and its capability to reclaim the dominance over human. In a way, climbing vines in post-apocalyptic cities also represent nature’s resilience and ability to recover. No matter what happens, nature will try to grow, unstoppable.

23+ Symbols Of Growth Around The World

10. Wings

Wings represent the idea of breaking free from constraints and limitations. With their wings, birds soar into the sky, transcending boundaries of other land creatures, reaching tremendous heights. In various cultures, wings are associated with celestial beings like angels and deities. Angels are often depicted with wings, symbolizing their divine nature and their connection to heavenly realms and “higher beings”. This association links wings to growth towards higher levels of existence.

You can see this being used a lot in literature and art, where wings are used to represent characters’ growth arcs. Characters that undergo personal development and overcome challenges are sometimes portrayed with wings as a visual metaphor for their growth.

Story of Icarus who flew to the Sun with his wings

11. Open Book

An open book is an invitation to learn and explore. Growth often begins with the acquisition of knowledge, and books is the most valuable resources for expanding one’s understanding of the world. Reading and engaging with the content of a book stimulates our mind, encouraging critical thinking, and if you’re reading a fiction, you get to experience lives of characters completely unknown to yours. It is a way to enrich your inner world and “see” more of the complexity of humanity.

open book as symbols of growth in knowledge

12. Foot Steps

Footsteps symbolize growth through their representation of progress, journey, and the path towards personal development. The imagery of footsteps resonates with the idea of moving forward, leaving a mark, and embarking on a transformative journey. Every step represents an opportunity for learning, self-improvement, and expanding one’s horizons. The cumulative effect of these steps results in overall growth and transformation.

footsteps as symbolism of growth

13. Egg

Eggs are unrealized potential. Within their delicate shells, they hold the promise of new life and growth. One day, the egg will hatch into a chicken – a life. From an insentient, simple object, it turns into life, ready to experience this world. It symbolizes the transformative journey that individuals and societies take to reach new stages.

23+ Symbols Of Growth Around The World

There is an interesting concept known as the Cosmic Egg in several mythologies and cultures around the world. It represents the birth of the universe, creation, and the potential for growth and transformation. In Hindu mythology, the concept of “Hiranyagarbha” refers to the golden cosmic egg from which Brahma, the creator god, emerges. Similarly, Chinese mythology also features the story of Pangu, a primordial being who is said to have emerged from an egg-shaped cosmic container. As Pangu grows, he separates the heavens and earth, shaping the universe.

14. Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers rise vertically, reflecting the upward trajectory of progress and growth. They are the results of societies striving for progress, embodying our ambition by aspiring to touch the sky. In fact, it is not an easy feat to build a skyscraper, since a lot of complex engineering, cutting-edge materials, and innovative design are needed to ensure that these buildings are functional. They are one of the current peaks of human civil engineering.

Skyscrapers are also signs of economic prosperity. They are where businesses took place, attracting a lot of investments and talent to the region, fostering sustainable growth. You can easily see how The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, standing as the world’s tallest skyscraper, symbolizes the rapid development and transformation of Dubai from a desert city to a global economic powerhouse.

skyscrapers as symbols of growth

15. Rocket

Rockets are vehicles that transcend earthly boundaries. The very first plane was built in 1903, and yet by the 60s we have already built machines that take us to the star. Rockets are amazing accomplishment of us, there’s no denying of that, and the first astronauts venturing into the unknown to expand human horizons are the true pioneers of the time. They prove that we totally can conquer new frontiers, learn about the cosmos, and push the boundaries of knowledge.

23+ Symbols Of Growth Around The World

Similar to the skyscrapers, rocket construction and operation requires cutting-edge technology and engineering. We associate “rocket science” with extreme difficulty for a reason. It showcases our ability to harness science and innovation to achieve extraordinary feats.

In our modern world, rockets launching even mean international collaboration. Bright minds from around the world gather to establish long-term partnerships and together put effort towards a shared goals. That is a positive outcomes ever since the Space Race of the 20th century, enabling diverse cultures and nations to work together for the advancement of science and humanity.

16. Key

Keys represent the idea that each individual possesses unique talents, abilities, and untapped potential. When a key turns a lock, it reveals what’s hidden. Similarly, we all need a key to “unlock” our growth and discover as well as develop our own innate capabilities. The journey of self-discovery and self-improvement is the same as using a key to open doors to new aspects of oneself.

keys as symbols to freedom

For example, receiving a diploma or degree is often compared to receiving a “key” that unlocks the doors to new career opportunities where we grow professionally.

17. Fountain of Water

Fountains of water are often associated with abundance and nourishment. Water itself is a symbol of life as it provides the essential nourishment to plants and organisms and help them grow. The constant flow of water from a fountain reflects the steady influx of resources, experiences, and insights that contribute to an individual’s growth journey.

Fountains of water are usually referred to as the “Source”, from which flows energy and vitality that is essential for healing and growth. In fact, many spiritual practices incorporate water as a symbol of spiritual growth and purification. Fountains in religious settings represent the continuous flow of divine blessings and the spiritual journey toward enlightenment.

fountain of water as symbols for growth

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18. Rising Tide

A rising tide is the gradual increase in water level along a shoreline, so it is easy to see how they carry metaphorical significance when applied to personal, societal, and even spiritual growth. As the tide swells, it brings water closer to the shore, expanding the boundaries of the ocean’s influence. When we grow, we also experience continuous progress, advancement, and the expansion of our previously limited horizons.

rising tide as a symbol of growth and progress

19. Phoenix Arising

The phoenix embodies the symbolism of growth as it rises from the ashes, representing transformation, renewal, and the potential for positive change. After its fiery death, the Phoenix goest through a process of rebirth. Out of destruction, there can always be creation, and from endings, there can arise fresh opportunities. The phoenix teaches us that even in the face of adversity or setbacks, we have the capacity to rise again, stronger and wiser.

phoenix symbolism

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20. Bursting Fireworks

Bursting fireworks are often associated with celebrations of milestones and achievements. The dynamic explosions of color and light that fireworks create in the night sky is the perfect metaphor for the moments of accomplishment that come with reaching significant milestones. In culture all around the world, fireworks are often reserved for moments of great significance, such as the New Year, birthday, weeding, or festivals.

The explosions and patterns created by fireworks also remind us of the transformative process that individuals undergo as they evolve and develop.

firework as symbol for growth

21. Harvested Crop

Harvesting crops represents the culmination of growth and the realization of potential. The seed has successfully transformed into a bountiful harvest. The labor of the farmers has deservingly paid off. They can now enjoy the rewards of their journey. To the agricultural life in the past, seeing harvested crop means seeing a better life in the future, not only for the individual, but the entire community there.

Around the world, harvest festivals celebrate the completion of a growth cycle and the abundance it brings. These festivals symbolize the gratitude for the rewards of hard work and the recognition of growth’s transformative power.

harvested crop as symbols of growth

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