four of cups tarot card meaning

Four Of Cups Tarot Card: Full Meaning

Four Of Cups Keywords

Upright: Inner reflection, introspection, contemplation, uninspired, stagnation, apathy, indecision, hesitation, regret

Reversed: emerging from isolation, reconnection, new creativity, finding inspiration, taking a new opportunity, acceptance 

Four Of Cups Description

A young man sits beneath the shelter of a tree, three cups laid out in front of him, and a fourth hovering in the air above, brought to him by an inviting cloud. He, however, gazes out into the distance, seemingly oblivious to the gifts presented before him, appearing to be lost in his own thoughts. The landscape around him appears also to be quite barren and devoid of excitement.

Maybe he is too focused on the cups in front of him that he missed the opportunity to receive the gift? Note that the element of Cups is Water, and Water symbolizes the constant flow of emotions within us. These cups represent an abundance of emotion, yet his distracted mind has led him to a state of stagnation – completely uninterested in what lies before him. 

The 4 of Cups reminds us to not take things for granted, and simply appreciate the little gifts that the universe brought to us. It is also a “Just do it” message for anyone presented with an opportunity. Simply rise and grasp what the universe provided you instead of sitting in the comfort zone and taking no action.

Four Of Cups – reimagined

Four Of Cups Upright Meaning

In general, when the 4 of Cups pops up, we see a mood of disinterest and a lack of motivation. Can’t you see all of the fascinating things happening out there? Why are you ignoring the fun and joy that is right in front of your eyes? Even if things didn’t go as planned, you wouldn’t even care. You feel empty and blank and that spark of motivation just seemed to have died out for a while. You’re not sure what to do next. You sit there, contemplating your past achievements (the 3 cups in the front), or maybe just letting your mind wander to wherever it gets.

So the energy is kinda bland here. You need to get out of this rut, and rest assured that there is always a way to rekindle that flame of passion in you. The Four of Cups is a wake-up call for those who are dragged down by their monotonous and repetitive lifestyle and encourages them to embrace something new and different to spice things up. 

““His world was like a grey fog, with nothing to offer but a feeling of emptiness and stagnation. He was like a forgotten song, lost in the depths of a vast sea, with no one to hear its melody.”

From the writer of this post, probably
Four Of Cups Tarot Card: Full Meaning

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Four Of Cups Love Upright

When Four Of Cups comes up in a love reading, you are probably bored with your relationship. The initial excitement and thrill has already worn off for a good while, and the only thing left with you is the everyday routine that you have grown to be so fed up with.

That’s why you don’t even care for the emotions your partner offers to you (the 4th cup). You look at the same old cups on the ground and think: “Same day, same thing”. You feel like there is something missing, but you don’t know what it is. 

Both of you must take effort to experiment and explore the possibilities of what you 2 could do together. Remember, new experience is always there, hovering above you, waiting for you to embrace it. Don’t keep things to yourself and don’t be withdrawn. Just shift your perspective, look at things from another angle, and find a new way to approach your relationship.

Action Items that I can suggest you to take:

1. Go star-gazing together in a place with no light pollution

2. Take a cooking class

3. Visit a local farm 

4. Learn a new language (and even the country’s culture)

5. Play a musical instrument

6. Take a day trip to a nearby town

7. Attend a festival 

8. Go paddle-boarding

9. Learn a new sport

10. Take a photography class (buy a vintage camera and experiment)


If you’ve just gone through a not-so-good-relationship, the Four of Cups represents your current state of mind. You have gone through so much that you can’t be bothered with anyone, at least in the near future. 

As soon as a new person enters your life, your first response is “What? Another one?”. You look at your past relationships and are afraid of the new thing, afraid of taking the new “cup of emotion”, simply because you have seen it all, and your internal monologue confirms with you that it will probably be the same again, nothing new, nothing to expect. This is your defense mechanism against the suffering you have known so well. 

If you’re single, the Four of Cups is a sign that you’re not really satisfied with your empty love life, and you may benefit from a change. You don’t need to jump into a new relationship immediately if you’re not yet ready, but going out and connecting with new people once in a way shouldn’t be too difficult, right? 

After all, if you get a 4 of Cups in a relationship spread, chances are that you have space for connections in your life. It’s that you deliberately chose to ignore the chances.n Don’t fixate on a certain perspective in love. Relax, be more open, and welcome opportunities to you. It’s always right there, by your side, you just need to actively start looking. 

If we interpret the Four of Cups card from the “taking things for granted” point, maybe it is telling you to appreciate the existing connections in your life instead of feeling dissatisfied. You have 3 cups of emotions with you, what else do you want? Ask yourself, is it truly what you NEED?

Four Of Cups Career Upright

If the Four Of Cups jumps up in a Career reading, well, I see that you are either bored or procrastinating in your work. There can be many reasons for your boredom.

The Four Of Cups does not usually indicate external work pressure. Instead, it pointed to your inner attitude towards work. You may feel distracted, distant, and not really engaged with your work. You already know how your day looks from the very moment you open your eyes, as if you are a perfectly programmed robot. If you work in the creative fields, the 4 of Cups indicates an “art block”, or a period of low creativity, which probably frustrates you a lot.

What could have been the root cause of this? Is it because you don’t think this is the right job for you? Is it because of the monotony and repetitiveness of the job that gives you dread everyday you wake up? Do you want some change in your daily tasks? 

Action items for if you resonate with this advice:

  • Make your work a game. Rewards yourself little items if you achieve something
  • Ask for feedback from coworkers and find ways to constantly improve yourself
  • Learn a new tool that can help you at work
  • Find creative ways to solve your tasks (using new tech maybe)
  • Take on new tasks that challenges your skills (if you’re not already overloaded with tasks, of course)

The bright side of a Four of Cups in a business/work setting is that you’ve probably grasped the ins and outs of your job. You know the right way to execute your tasks and how to act in case anything goes wrong. The number 4 comes after the number 3 of collaboration and team-bonding, so it shows that you have already gained enough experience in your current position and are familiar with your team. It’s just that the novelty of the job wore off. Your job now is too easy, too predictable, too…bland.

If that is the case, you have to break out of the loop. Seek out new opportunities in your department/team that can allow you to start a new initiative that changes the course of how things go. If you do not have too much authority in your work, suggest with your manager/supervisor that you would love to explore new positions/tasks, seeing that you have understood your current tasks now. Be strategic though, and try to align your “creativity” with your career path and trajectory.

Take a deep breath and reflect on your journey so far. You need to sit down and look at your past achievements, and how you want to move forward. Don’t automatically ignore any opportunities offered to you, but don’t jump at it, either. Give both parties some time to meditate and think more deeply about the situation.

Four Of Cups Finance Upright

When it comes to your finances, the Four of Cups can be a sign that you may be feeling distracted. Are you so busy being jealous of what others have that you fail to recognize what is right in front of you? It can be easy to get stuck in a comparison trap, where you constantly measure your own situation with those around you, but this envy can be standing in your way when it comes to appreciating what you already have. 

Taking a step back and cultivating a sense of gratitude can help you to see new and creative ways of improving your financial situation, as well as allowing you to be more comfortable with taking material risks. If you are too focused on what you do not possess, it may be difficult to notice the opportunities to come closer to that which you are currently longing for. 

This card can also present a sense of disillusionment with money, capitalism and financial systems in general. Therefore, it is important to take a step back and gain perspective on what you are grateful for, as this will help you to take advantage of the possibilities that are in front of you.

Four Of Cups Upright As Outcome

The Four of Cups Upright as an outcome is an invitation to take time to reflect on your current situation. Eventually, it’s inevitable that you will grow bored of whatever you are working on or whoever you are with. As time passes, the novelty wears off and it becomes harder and harder to stay interested. Your focus may shift and you may find that you no longer enjoy it as much as you did before.

If boredom sets in, it is important to recognize it and make changes to reignite your interest. Sometimes this may involve changing the activity slightly, such as trying a different version of the same activity, or mixing up the order of how you do it. Other times it may involve taking a break altogether and exploring something new.

By recognizing the signs of boredom and making changes when they become apparent, you can help to keep your interest alive and avoid the feeling of being completely burned out. Boredom is a natural part of life, and it is important to recognize it and make changes when necessary to keep your activities engaging and enjoyable.

Four Of Cups Tarot Card: Full Meaning

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Four Of Cups Upright As Advice

The advice of the Four of Cups upright is to pause and take time to reflect on the choices available to you. 

Look beyond the surface and consider the deeper possibilities that may be presented. Take a step back and evaluate the situation with a fresh perspective, as this may reveal new options that were not previously visible.

Sometimes it’s also an advice to consider what is being offered more carefully, taking some time to reflect and meditate on your options before making a decision. It may also point to the need for seeking out new inspiration or recognizing that someone might be emotionally unavailable or stubborn.

Reflect upon your emotions, and to be in touch with the feelings and desires that lie within. What is it that you truly want and need? What is your heart telling you? Be honest with yourself and follow your intuition in order to make the best decisions.

It is also important to recognize the importance of balance and moderation in your life. Be sure to take some time to relax and enjoy yourself, as this will help you to stay grounded and make wiser choices.

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of life and the gifts of the present moment. Enjoy the journey and to savor the simple pleasures of life. Celebrate the small wins and be grateful for all that is good in your life. 

Make time for self-care and self-reflection. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and to explore what lies beneath the surface. This will help to develop greater self-awareness and to make more informed decisions.

Four Of Cups Reversed Meaning

The Four of Cups reversed is a card of new beginnings and opportunities. It represents a time of growth and understanding, in which you are willing to make changes and embrace the possibilities that life offers. 

The boredom and stagnation found in the previous stage has now receded. You found a new perspective, a new approach, a fresh angle to look at the situation, and with this burst of creativity, you are ready to move forward and achieve your goals. 

Remember that the Four of Cups is a foundation on which you build your projects, so if you get this card, it is a call to action in whatever area of life you are asking. You have what you need. It is time to step out of your comfort zone, be open to new experiences, and you may be feeling a newfound sense of enthusiasm and excitement. 

You may be ready to take a chance and try something new, and the reversed Four of Cups suggests that the rewards will be great. You are ready to move forward, and it encourages you to take the initiative and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.


Four Of Cups Love Reversed

You are ready to open yourself up. Instead of sitting at one place and expecting love to come in, you took the initiative and welcomed love into your life. You realized that the opportunity is nowhere far from you, and it would be a pity if you don’t go for it. 

If you have been through a difficult relationship, the 4 of Cups reversed could be telling a message of “reconnection” to you, not strictly to the past relationships, but to “opportunity”. What opportunities do you see in your love life? Is there anyone in particular that is offering an emotional connection to you? You may be hesitant, but the 4 of Cups is the exact affirmation you need to open yourself up and thrive in the delight of intimacy.

Don’t dwell in your sadness. After much reflection and contemplation, you should have figured something out. Apply your lessons to future relationships. You have a newfound excitement that can really bring something different to the table.

Four Of Cups Career Reversed

The period of procrastination has finally ended. There may be a renewed sense of enthusiasm and optimism, and a readiness to explore your job opportunities with a renewed sense of purpose. 

It could also be that you have spent quite a while reflecting on what you want to do with your life, and use that period as a foundation from which to move forward. You know the right path to take, and you are ready to discover what will really bring you fulfillment in the professional world.

If the 4 of Cups comes up in the upright position, you should take some time to think before taking the opportunity presented to you, but if it appears in the Reversed position, more often than not, it is a reminder that you should be more deliberate when presented with new projects. The universe won’t give you anything unless you take action. 

Make sure that you are organized and have a plan for how you are going to move forward. Research the field that you are interested in and learn as much as you can about it. Reach out to people in the industry to get advice and gain insights.

Four Of Cups Finance Reversed

Regarding finance, the Four of Cups reversed is a positive sign that you will reach better economic fulfillment and prosperity. Although you may have been jealous of others for their financial security in the past, you may be taking steps to be more optimistic with your approach to finance. 

The universe will reward you as you direct your energy towards better financial practices. Spend and save as needed without letting the thoughts and possessions of others divert you. Be ready to strive for the rewards that this card indicates.

Four Of Cups Reversed As Outcome

The Four of Cups Reversed as an outcome is an invitation to take time to reflect on your current situation and to find ways to break out of the rut you have found yourself in. It is a reminder to take risks, to open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences, and to savor the simple pleasures that life has to offer. 

The 4 of Cups Reversed card is also a call to practice self-love and to find contentment within yourself, no matter where you are in life. The story told in this card points towards our tendency to not always be present in the moment, but rather, always looking towards something in the future or in the past. If you are enjoying the moment, you wouldn’t be bored, right? Be more mindful and take time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. 

If you are so fed up with the yoke of daily life, set aside some time for yourself and break free from the monotony of it all. You can make meaningful connections with those around you. It is an opportunity to discover your true potential, to push boundaries, and to strive for a life that is full of joy and purpose.

Four Of Cups Reversed As Advice

You have the foundation. Get ready to explore the options. The first step is to take a step back and evaluate what it is that you want to do and why. What do you want to accomplish? Are there any challenges that you want to take on? What skills do you need to develop?

Where can you find new inspirations? Try engaging in creative activities. Go to an art gallery or a museum, or try your hand at photography or painting. Taking the time to enjoy the beauty of the world around you can be incredibly inspiring.

No matter what, the important thing is to keep pushing yourself to explore the world and find new ways to get inspired. As long as you keep an open mind and try new things, you can find the motivation and enthusiasm to keep moving forward.

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